10 JavaScript Cheat Sheets

10 JavaScript Cheat Sheets

1. Modern JavaScript Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet contains the most modern JavaScript knowledge you will frequently encounter in modern projects. This is for developers with basic programming knowledge and unfamiliar with modern codebases.

2. Interactive JavaScript Cheatsheet

This is an interactive website that you can use to learn JavaScript or be your code source. They have useful code you can copy-paste into your project, and it’ll work just fine.

3. Basic and Advanced JavaScript Cheat Sheet

If you are new to JavaScript and currently learning the language, this cheat sheet will provide you the basic core elements you need to understand the language.

4. The Ultimate JavaScript Cheat Sheet

This is a comprehensive JavaScript cheat sheet with code examples, and explanation you can read to better understand the variables, methods, and more in JavaScript.

5. JavaScript In One Picture

The purpose of this mind map diagram is to help programmers have an overview of the language but also to local and find syntax details easily.

6. JavaScript Quick Reference

This cheat sheet defines the purpose of a method whether you’re working with DOM, JS, or Functions.

7. Interactive JavaScript ES6, ES2016, and ES2017 cheatsheet

This is an interactive ES6, ES2016, and ES2017 cheatsheet. They provide a series of examples to show you the important parts of modern JavaScript. All code is editable and runnable so you can play with it all you want.

8. Reactcheatsheet.com

This website gives you a clear explanation with code examples on React. You can thoroughly understand this language and functionality by reading the documentation for each method.

9. Node.js Cheatsheet

This cheat sheet explains each code’s purpose, so you know their function before you put them to work. This includes Console, Timer, Module, Process, Events, Utility, and more.

10. Vanilla JavaScript

A collection of JavaScript methods, helper functions, plugins, boilerplates, polyfills, and learning resources.

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