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Interactive roadmaps, guides and other educational content to help developers grow in their careers. It discusses roadmaps for various fields including frontend, backend, devops, full stack, API design, computer science, data structures and algorithms, AI and data science, AWS, Linux, data analyst, MLOps, product manager, QA, Python, software architect, game developer, server side game developer, software design and architecture, JavaScript, TypeScript, C++, React, React Native, Vue, Angular, Node.js, GraphQL, Android, iOS, Flutter, Go, Rust, Java, Spring Boot, design system, PostgreSQL, SQL, blockchain, ASP.NET Core, system design, Kubernetes, cyber security, MongoDB, UX design, and Docker. The roadmaps are interactive and allow users to click on nodes to read more about the topics. The repository includes a readme, license, contributing guide, code of conduct, and other resources. other resources:


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Here's an extended list of developer roadmap resources, along with some unique aspects of each:

  1. The standout feature here is the sheer breadth of options. It caters to virtually every development niche, from the widely-adopted (Frontend, Backend) to the highly specialized (Blockchain, MLOps). Their interactive format lets you track your progress visually. [Image of website]

  2. Kamran Ahmed's Developer Roadmap (GitHub): This is more than just roadmaps. It's a curated collection of guides, tutorials, and other educational materials. This makes it an excellent resource not just for planning, but for active learning alongside your roadmap. [Image of Kamran Ahmed's Developer Roadmap on GitHub]

  3. GeeksforGeeks Frontend Developer Roadmap: While focused solely on frontend, this roadmap excels at its beginner-friendliness. It breaks down complex concepts into digestible steps, making it ideal for those just starting their web development journey. [Image of GeeksforGeeks Frontend Developer Roadmap]

  4. BrowserStack Web Development Roadmap: This resource stands out for its holistic approach. It doesn't just list technologies, it explains the why behind them. It's a great option for understanding the bigger picture of web development before diving into specifics. [Image of BrowserStack Web Development Roadmap]

  5. Awesome Roadmaps (GitHub): This is a curated list of roadmaps, including some not found on the other sites. It's a good option for discovering less mainstream paths or highly specialized skill sets. [Image of Awesome Roadmaps on GitHub]

  6. Codecademy Career Paths: These are interactive, project-based learning paths designed to equip learners with job-ready skills. While not roadmaps in the traditional sense, they offer a structured way to gain practical experience aligned with different career goals. [Image of Codecademy Career Paths] [invalid URL removed]

  7. freeCodeCamp: This non-profit organization offers a comprehensive curriculum covering a wide range of web development topics. While not strictly a roadmap, their structured learning path and project-based approach can serve as a valuable guide for aspiring developers. [Image of freeCodeCamp website]