If you are looking for a great way to find new content ideas then look no further than the Reddit keyword research tool.

It is becoming one of my favourite tools to use, in that, it is free and it is very accurate.

What makes this tool different is that it will show you you all the hot topics going down on Reddit at the moment.

It has enough knowledge to be able to fetch more recent discussions by latest date of course.

It is up to you to keep your content current with the times, which means, that this is not evergreen content.

But of course it is a possibility that it will stay evergreen.

Again this is a tool that will show you all the hot topics that are currently on Reddit.

Pop a subreddit into the tool

So you need to take a subreddit and pop it into the tool.

You will get a list of keywords that people are talking about on that particular subreddit.

The most amazing part.

The tool will actually go and fetch all the monthly search volumes from the Google keyword planner and the best part is if a failed to mention it is that it is free. Of course I mentioned it above!

What do the results headings mean.

The monthly search volume is a list of the average monthly searches for each search term.

I mentioned that this is how the keyword Google keyword planner works and would give you the same results.

Opens up in google search results

The context column helps you give a direct link to - and opens up - in the Google search results for that keyword.

It would also include the subreddit if it is not that clear to you how the keyword might be used. This would be useful.

How should you use the results

There are quite a few ways to use the keyword results to your benefit.

The number one way and an easy way to get into the rankings and help with your SEO is looking for low competition keywords so that you can target those.

Other keyword research tools

Furthermore you could take this original list and feed it through other keyword research tools to get even a bigger list.

This if you feel that the original list is not big enough.

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