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Next.js and Prisma

Prisma and Next js offer an exciting combination of features for web developers, giving them the ability to build faster and more flexible applications. With Prisma, developers can create lightning-quick databases and access data quickly in near-real time. At the same time, Next js enables developers to write dynamic React applications using server-side rendering. Adding access to a powerful GraphQL API gives developers even more tools to work with, allowing them to focus on writing efficient and effective code without having to worry about implementation details. Together, this dynamic duo of Prisma and Next js offers an amazing set of features that can change the way we develop web applications.

How to add Prisma to a Next.js project
In this article, you will learn how to add Prisma to a Next.js project. You will learn how to set up...

Developing a REST API using NodeJS, Express and Typescript

With NodeJS, Express and Typescript, developing a REST API can be an enjoyable experience. NodeJS is well-suited for developing network applications due to its asynchronous nature, and its ability to efficiently handle multiple requests simultaneously. Express makes it easy to create the necessary GET/POST endpoints by providing a wide range of robust routing methods. The combination of NodeJS and Express makes it possible to rapidly develop any application web development scenario. To top it off, Typescript provides developers with type safety and improved readability while making sure errors are caught instantly which helps ensure that the codebase is kept clean and organized. In this way, one can quickly and properly set up a fully featured REST API in no time.

Developing a REST API using NodeJS, Express and Typescript
Today I want to explain how to create a REST API using the Javascript programming language. This...